Graduate Students

Nicole Barroso

Image: nicole-barroso.png

Nicole is a fifth-year doctoral student interested in the relation between parenting practices and parental psychopathology on early childhood social-emotional and behavioral problems. Specifically, she is interested in early childhood emotion development, including emotion expression, emotion regulation, and emotion socialization, as well as difficulties in early childhood prosocial behavior, including aggression and peer problems. Click here for CV.

  • Master of Science in Psychology: Florida International University, 2014
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology: University of Florida, 2011

Angela Blizzard

Image: angela-blizzard.png

Angela is a second-year doctoral student broadly interested in improving the quality of mental health services for children and families served in public child serving systems. Specifically, she is interested in: 1) workforce development, including training and supervision, models for mental health providers in public child serving systems, 2) progress monitoring and outcomes accountability to enhance data-driven decision making, and 3) factors that promote parental engagement in treatment. Click here for CV.

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology: University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2012

Juliana Acosta

Image: juliana-acosta.png

Juliana Acosta is a first-year doctoral student broadly interested in the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions for young children with behavioral and emotional problems. Specifically, her interests include 1) the role of parenting behaviors in the development child psychopathology, 2) influence of risk factors in early parent-child interactions, and 3) the role of sleep problems in the context of pediatric disorders. Click here for CV.

  • Master's Degree, Experimental Psychology: Nova Southeastern University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology: Nova Southeastern University